Bo Lor Yau, Won Ton, Ga Lay Yu Darn, Char Siu Farn, Gai Darn Jai, Darn Tart… just a lexicon of Canton dishes you will learn by the end of this tour. The Mahjong is surrounded by an up and coming gastronomic neighbourhood with more restaurants than your stomach can fit in your entire stay. On this tour we will introduce bite size portions of well known Hong Kong flavours and classic street treats – a perfect way to try everything without stuffing yourself silly. Don’t worry about your waistline on this tour – that’s what the walking is for! “Bo Lor Yau” – literally Pineapple Butter, a slab of the good stuff in a typical HK style “pineapple” bun “Won Ton” – fresh prawn dumpling served in a light tasty broth “Ga Lay Yu Darn” – a favourite amongst Hong Kongers! Curry “fish balls” “Char Siu Farn” – Roasted pork in a sweet honey sauce “Gai Darn Jai” – a popular street treat made from egg-based batter “Darn Tart” – egg tarts. That’s one darn good tart!

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