The Mahjong is one of Hong Kong's hippest hostels, centrally located in a soulful Chinese neighbourhood and just a stone’s throw to the city’s hustling bustling attractions, as well as its renowned mountain & coastal charms.

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From HKD $220
Pods per dorm: 8
From HKD $220
Pods per dorm: 10
From HKD $399
Pods per dorm: 6
  • 大型公共活動室
  • 便利的中央位置
  • 免費高速無線上網 
  • 男女混合宿舍/女生宿舍/豪華宿舍
  • 6寸厚酒店五星級床墊
  • 私人式雙層床位及個人閱讀燈和電插座
  • 知識淵博的本地員工
  • 每日旅舍活動



“韓国人ですが、英語と韓国語のレビューはもうすでにあったので、日本語で書きます! まず、ホステルはすごい綺麗です。オーナからまだオープンして2週間しかたってないと言われました。 この施設には、ダブルベッド・女性専用・ミックスルーム三つがありますが、私は女性専用ルームで2泊、またダブルベッドルームで1泊しました。 ・女性専用ルーム ミックスよりちょっと高めですが中に個別のトイレとシャワー施設があります(ミックスルームは外の共用の施設を利用されます)。 一番奥に位置されて静かな方ですし、アイロンとかヘアトリートメントとかも置かれていてホステルの気遣いが感じられました。 ・ツインルーム カップル向けですごい良いと思います。ツインベッド6個がある部屋で何より窓が大きくて解放感があって良かったです。私は女性専用ルームがちょっとうるさかったので、追加料金を出して一泊だけ一人でツインベッドを利用しましたが、すごいぐっすり寝れました。こちらの部屋にも中にシャワー施設二つ・トイレ三つがございますので、ミックルームみたいに外に出る必要がなくて便利です。 ・ラウンジ いつも良い音楽が流れてて(夜はクラブっぽい音楽とかも笑)雰囲気がすごい良かったです。パソコンは2台が置かれていて、カップ・お皿・お箸とかもありますので、気軽く使えます。また、共用の冷蔵庫もありますし、ティー・コーヒーとかも利用できます。だいたいラウンジは夜中1時まで開いていて、レイトチェックインもできそうです。 感想は以上になります。まぁーちょっと場所が地下鉄から離れていて不便だったのが残念ですが、値段と比べたらすごい良いところだと思います。地下鉄はないけど、バスは5-10分に一台ぐらい通ってますので、大丈夫でしたけれども。また、女性の方にはミックスルームを意外とおすすめしたいです。ミックスルームは人があんまいなくて快適だったらしいですが、私が行った時は女性ルームはほぼ満室だったからかちょっとうるさかったです。では、ご参考までに。”

– Ju Yong Korea / Japan

“교통이 잘 되어있어 홍콩 어디든 다니기 좋았습니다. 새로 생겨 시설이 깨끗했고, 쾌적하고 침대도 편안하고 좋았습니다. 스텝들과 같은 기간 머물렀던 게스트들 모두 친절하고 좋은 사람들이었습니다. 주변동네가 조용하여 휴식을 취하기도 좋았습니다. 다음에 홍콩에 다시 방문하게 된다면 또 다시 이곳에서 머물고 싶습니다.”

– 김 예인 Korea

“This hostel is amazing. It’s a located away from the touristy areas of hk, which I love because what surrounds the hostel is so authentic. The interior of the hostel is beautiful, minimal, and clean. The beds have private screens. The fact that you share rooms with other people makes it a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers from around the world. The people at the front desk are extremely personable and helpful. They make the stay so comfortable – it felt like I was staying at a friend’s place! I will definitely be back next year!”

– Sophia USA

“This hostel is amazing! Definitely one of the best I’ve been to. The price is comparable to other places that aren’t as nice as The Mahjong. The people are very friendly–warm and accommodating. Not once did they hesitate when you had a question or a request. Stay here! You won’t regret it.”

– John USA

“The hostel is just great! It’s brand new and clean and I really like how they made beds inside the boxes. Each bed has a safe, and you can put the curtain to close the box if you like. The communication with the host was great, and the location is convenient. It’s only 15 min. bus ride to the downtown (Tsim Sha Tsui). And also you have many different restaurants near the place which are not expensive. It’s easy to get there from the airport, you just take A22 bus, and stop at station 9 (Farm Road). I highly recommend this place!”

– Nikola Serbia

“After I arrived at the airport, I sent a email to Warren(Host, I hope It’s right) and He came to meet in front of the accommodation so I could get to it in easy. They were dedicated to help me get some information or anything else. It was so helpful for me and I appreciate it. Moreover, Rooms are really clean and comfortable. I bet You will be satisfied with it. On traffic accessibility, Though There is no MTR station near here, but You can get to downtown by bus in 10 or 15minutes so That’s not big problem I think. That is, I highly recommend this place”

– Dongbin Korea

“I had a great stay at the Mahjong. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. Everyone there was able to give me recommendations for what to do in HK. The location is away from the more touristy areas and in a great neighborhood with an authentic HK feeling and many good restaurants. Super convenient to many buses that get you around the city. The beds are very comfortable though at full capacity the dorm room itself might feel a bit cramped. There is a great common area with a view of the street that makes for good people watching. Free coffee and tea are there for self service. This is a cut above your average hostel stay with great service and really comfortable beds.”

– Abigail USA

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The Mahjong
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